Anthony Gregory, born in Fairfax Virginia, lived nearly his whole life in California’s Bay Area. After majoring in History at UC Berkeley, he became involved in think tank work, focused on writing critical analysis of the war on terrorism at home and abroad, the carceral state and other depredations of civil liberties. While working at the Independent Institute he wrote a treatise on habeas corpus and a shorter book on the surveillance state. These research projects convinced Anthony to return to academia in pursuit of historiographical training and rigor. He completed his History PhD under the supervision of historians Rebecca McLennan and Daniel Sargent and criminologist Jonathan Simon and is now at Brown, where he studies the intersection of liberal political theory and carceral studies. In addition to his historical and theoretical work on politics, the law, and the state, Anthony is also interested in questions of cultural history. He is a songwriter and musician, an Eagle Scout, and he loves to cook. Anthony lives in Providence, Rhode Island, with his wife, kid, and dog.

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